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No time or finances for a full-body gym workout? We've got your back. Legitpro Shop is proud to
introduce the best resistance band on the web – all you need for an instant full-body workout. From
biceps to buttocks, our band will tone your muscles and build your strength.

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Meet Your Fitness Needs

Worried about our belt sizes? Let’s put your stress to rest. Each resistance band is designed like an everyday belt – simply adjust the length as you see fit. Our band works for fitness enthusiasts of any size, shape, skill, or strength level. When you buy resistance bands online from us, you get the FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE product you deserve.

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  • ...Versatile

    A 3-in-1 gizmo for light, medium, or heavy resistance. Pick your challenge and get pumping!
    Challenge yourself the way you see fit.

  • ...Durable

    Literally UNBREAKABLE. A one band device that can be adjusted tighter if stretched out. Use it for
    years – that’s right, our band is a lifetime investment.

  • ...Stable

    Tired of rolling, slipping, and sliding during workouts? This band sticks you in place. Maintain your
    stability and never worry about falling over again.

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